I first met Mark while attending the 153rd Anniversary Convention in New Orleans back in 2009. Our meeting one another was very much the culmination of our wives meeting the early part of day one. Mark and I hit it off quickly and to this day we keep in contact along with our wives. I was very happy to hear of Mark’s decision to run for the Supreme Council. Mark is a genuine brother that understands what it means to be a SAE and a Greek in today’s world. If you have attended any of the past conventions you will know that Mark has been heavily involved on a national level for some time which makes him the perfect candidate for the Eminent Supreme Chronicler.

Adam Porter
San Diego Area Alumni Association President
San Diego State University, 2002
Cal Theta

Mark was one of the first Province Archons I met when joining staff in 2010. Ever since that first meeting, I have been continually impressed at his passion and commitment to the Fraternity. He has consistently sought to provide an enjoyable, values-based experience for all undergraduates while looking to move the greater fraternal movement forward. SAE is fortunate to have a volunteer of his caliber and I whole heartedly support his campaign for election to the Supreme Council.

Jeff Hall
Former Associate Executive Director/Merit Key
Christian Brothers University '07
Tennessee Rho

I have known Mark since he was initiated and have consistently worked with him throughout his Fraternal career. Mark is someone who puts one at ease immediately, makes you glad you got to know Mark and makes you better person. He Mark listens, advises, and ensures you walk away with answers and feeling better about the situation and yourself. Mark personifies family, friendship, community, empathy, brotherhood, and loyalty. He embodies the True Gentleman and is a natural fit for our Fraternity family. Spend five minutes with Mark and you will agree. I am very proud of Mark and and honored to endorse him 100%.

Albert Pompeo
Ohio Alpha Alumni Association Treasurer
Youngstown State University, 1987, 1991
Ohio Alpha

So if you want to know what kind of guy Mark is, this is my best way I can explain it. At Leadership School last year, I took the boat over to Coco Cay with him. As we got off, I started to talk with him about things that were happening within the fraternity, some of which were sensitive. He never tried to dodge anything and fully engaged me in the conversation. In fact, the conversation continued to the beach and didn’t stop until reasons and explanations were given that explained my questions. But that’s not what impressed me about Mark. What impressed me was that I never heard anyone talking about our conversation, because he kept it in confidence. In what could be rightly called a leaky ship at times, Mark kept his word as a brother. If that’s not what we want for our leadership, I don’t know what is. He has my vote.

Matt Jones
Province Chi Deputy Archon: Health & Safety
California State Polytechnic University, Pomona 1997

Mark McDonough is my choice for the Supreme Council for one simple reason: he’s the right leader, at the right time.  In a time of unprecedented change for higher education and the Greek letter community, our fraternity needs leaders who will take the time to listen to all stakeholders and make the best decision for SAE’s future.  I saw Mark’s work on the Council of Province Archons and know that he makes those decisions based on objective evidence and SAE’s best interests, even when they’re not easy.

Over the last four years, I’ve come to know Mark not only as an SAE leader, but as a brother, friend, and confidant.  He’s exactly the kind of brother we need on the Supreme Council, and that’s why I look forward to casting my vote for him.

Alan Moore
Province Epsilon-Alpha Archon and President, Greater London Alumni Association
University of North Georgia, 2011
Georgia Delta

Mark McDonough was one of the first people to reach out to me when I first became a Province Archon. His advice and support has helped me move forward in the way I govern and reach out and connect with my chapter and alumni associations. His experiences and character will be a tremendous benefit to the Supreme Council. We are lucky to have Mark serve as our next Eminent Supreme Chronicler!

John Sebalos
Province Nu Archon
SUNY Oswego 2005
New York Zeta

I am proud to support Mark for the Supreme Council. Mark’s qualities truly embody The True Gentleman and his passion and zeal for SAE is always inspirational. When I was first elected as a Province Archon, Mark helped to encourage and guide me through that role. I am honored to call Mark a brother and am excited to see him continue his service as the next Eminent Supreme Chronicler!

Daniel Gammon
Province Iota Archon
Middle Tennessee State University, 2007
Tennessee Beta

As someone who has known Mark for 4 years, I am supporting Mark for Eminent Supreme Chronicler because I have witnessed his passion and care for undergraduates first hand. He’s helped students when no one else would, and turned his old province into one of the best in the country. Mark has stayed true to the mission of SAE, and has never wavered on that mission when challenged. To me, this speaks volumes about his character and the type of person he is. I fully endorse Mark and the fraternity would be lucky to have him in this role.

Gage Woolley
Province Delta Archon, 2015 True Gentleman of the Year
University of Cincinnati
Ohio Epsilon '15

I have interacted with Mark both as an undergraduate, and in serving together as alumni. In my role as Chapter Advisor and now Province Archon, Mark was instrumental in mine and the organization’s success – always there to lend a helping hand or to share his knowledge. And he always did it with a smile and a laugh. He is a man of character and honor, and a fine True Gentleman.

Daniel Woodcock
Province Pi Archon
University of Toledo, 2014
Ohio Nu

As I near my graduation in May 2017, I look to Mark as my role model of an Alumnus that has continued to give back to the Fraternity after his undergraduate years have ended. Mark has always made himself readily available as former Province Archon whenever I had questions about Fraternity operations, procedural issues, and chapter problems. Even in times of personal adversity, Mark has been one to go out of his way for me as my brother. Mark has been asset to my development as an SAE and Fraternity Leader. I cannot think of another brother that is better suited to sit as Eminent Supreme Chronicler! Mark has my support as well as the support of the Ohio Alpha undergraduate chapter!

Nicholas Torres
Ohio Alpha Eminent Archon | Levere Leadership Institute Attendee
Youngstown State University '17
Ohio Alpha

I am proud to support Mark McDonough for Eminent Supreme Chronicler. I had the pleasure of serving with Mark on Province Pi’s Council. Mark’s style of province leadership was inclusive and supportive. The Supreme Council runs best when there are a mix of professions and SAE backgrounds. Mark brings his experience as a successful engineer, as well as 18 years as a committed SAE volunteer in varied roles. I’m confident Mark will bring organized, strategic, and earnest leadership to our Fraternity. He is a good friend, a great father and a True Gentleman. Sigma Alpha Epsilon will be well served to have Mark’s talents on our Supreme Council for the next decade.

Nicholas Trelka
DeVotie Hall Association House Corporation, GCAA of SAE Treasurer, Past Province Eta Archon, Merit Key
University of Cincinnati 2005
Ohio Epsilon

Mark McDonough is a True Gentleman. He is a genuine caring Brother who has served as an Alumni Volunteer for over a decade. I had the pleasure of meeting Mark while serving on the Council of Province Archons. I had the privilege to vote for him to serve as Chairman of the Council. Mark has served in many capacities as a volunteer including Province Archon and Leadership School Faculty Member. His years of service have given him a unique insight into what the needs of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are on both a local and National level. I can think of no other Brother who is more strongly suited to help lead our Fraternity in the coming years. It is brothers like Mark that make me proud to be an SAE and highlight what a great Fraternity we are all a brothers of. Please join me and voting for Mark McDonough as our next Eminent Supreme Chronicler. Phi Alpha!

Jim Lotfi
University of Maryland, Baltimore County, 1987
Maryland Omicron-Pi

I have seen Mark move from Chapter Advisor to President of the Alumni Association to Province Archon. In each of these roles he has given his best and excelled at each position and challenge faced, he is a true Brother Hero. Knowing Mark’s passion and love for Sigma Alpha Epsilon combined with his ability to lead, I know he will take this Fraternity forward. Myself as well as the Province Pi council give its full support to Mark McDonough for Eminent Supreme Chronicler.

Joseph Costello
Province Pi Treasurer | Ohio Alpha Alumni Association President
Youngstown State University '04
Ohio Alpha

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