My Vision

Platform Point #1: Strategic Planning

Our Fraternity needs to stay committed to our Mission and Vision to continually improve the experience for our undergraduates. Strategic planning in focused periods will help us be the greatest Fraternity for our members.

Platform Point #2 Engage More Alumni Volunteers

When setting out on a journey, you need planning and support. The ΣΑΕ Mission, Vision and Values lay out a plan, but who is your support? Alumni volunteers are a vital component to supporting our undergraduates, and I want to engage more Mission Driven Alumni in every Chapter.

Platform Point #3 Continually Improve and Evolve the TGE

Over the last Century, our Fraternity has evolved and so should our member education. The TGE is a program we need to continue focusing on in order to improve and help it be the best program in the Fraternity world.

Platform Point #4 Add focus to Men’s Health in our H&S

Ran my third half marathon Sunday with Tom Buck from OHEP, and was cheered on by my health and wellness coach Vince Dangerfield from OHLA. Men’s health is a critical issue today, and SAE needs to provide tools and resources for our men to graduate with both physical and mental well being. Let’s add focus to the Health portion of Health & Safety!
Platform Point #5 Maximize our Leadership training for all Chapters
ΣΑΕ offers a great deal of top notch leadership training and education. Working to maximize the exposure to our undergraduates and improve the quality from local, Province, Regional levels and of course the John O. Moseley LS is critical. Our leadership offerings need to be available and useful for all sizes and types of our Chapters to keep us #MissionDriven