About Me

Mark McDonough was initiated into Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE) on January 31, 1993. McDonough has a love of the mission and values of the Fraternity and a lifelong record of serving SAE at various levels.

Undergraduate Experience:
-Initiated January 31, 1993
-John O. Mosely Leadership School Graduate, Evanston, IL, 1993
-Eminent Treasurer, 1993-1994
-Eminent Archon, 1994-1995
-Social Chair, Sports Chair, Rush Chair, Chaplain, Preceptor
-Youngstown State University Student Government Representative at Large and Executive Council Parliamentarian, 1995
-Bachelor of Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering

Alumni Experience:
-OHAL Alumni Association, Secretary 1999-2000
-OHAL Alumni Association, President 2000-2003
-OHAL Chapter Advisor, 2003-2004
-Province Pi Alumni Secretary 2005
-Province Pi Archon 2006 – 2016
-Faculty Member of the 2007 John O. Moseley Leadership School
-Earned Master of Business Administration, 2008
-Member of the Alumni Services Committee, 2011-2013
-Secretary of the Council of Province Archons, 2013
-Foundation lifetime giving Founder Member level, 2013
-Vice Chairman of the Council of Province Archons, 2013-2015
-Member of the Convention Finance Committee, 2013 Chicago Convention
-Chairman of the Alumni Recruitment Committee, 2013-2015
-Member of the True Gentleman Experience Newport Beach Committee, 2014
-Faculty Member of the 2014 John O. Moseley Leadership School
-Chairman, Council of Province Archons, 2015-2016
-Chairman of Strategic Planning Committee, 2015-2017
-Foundation lifetime giving Phoenix Society level, 2015
-Faculty Western States Leadership School, 2016
-Faculty Member of the 2016 John O. Moseley Leadership School

-OHAL Brother of the Year, 1995
-Youngstown State University Homecoming King, 1995
-Youngstown State University Arby’s Leadership Scholarship Recipient
-OHAL Outstanding Alumnus, 2004
-Recipient of the Order of the Lion, 2007
-Recipient of the Order of Minerva, 2010
-Recipient of Merit Key, 2015
-OHAL Outstanding Alumnus, 2016

Professionally, I work as a Geographic Discipline Leader for a Civil Engineering firm, focusing in the Telecommunications business. I was initiated into SAE on January 31, 1993. On October 25, 2008 I married my wife Jennifer. Jennifer and I welcomed our daughter and son in 2011 and 2013. My Father, brother, brother-in-law and several cousins are all brothers in SAE. I believe in the SAE Mission, Vision and Values. Follow an age old adage: plan your work, work your plan.

Reach Me:
Email: markwmcd@gmail.com
Twitter: @mark4sae
Instagram: @mark4sae
Facebook: www.facebook.com/mark4sae