25 years of Brotherhood!

Yesterday was the 25th anniversary of my initiation as a Brother in Sigma Alpha Epsilon. I had no idea the journey I was beginning that day. I met some of the best friends and have some amazing memories from my time at OHAL. Since then, I do my best in the roles I have served to keep SAE developing leaders, promoting scholarship, serving our communities, and building lifelong friendships. I hope my son can be a part of my families SAE tradition; he could be our 7th SAE!

As this day came, I thought back to the 10 men I was initiated with: John Bassetti, John Chismar, Brian O’Neill, Keith Osborne, Mike Padenich, Darrin Palumbo, Marc Pentecost, Jon Ruggles, John Stilliana, and Bill Tedesco. We had some great times in college. Wherever you are today, Phi Alpha!

(Pic is from SAE Dinner Dance about a month before my initiation with my brother Matt)